NAME: Niine.Games
FOUNDING DATE: February 2008

Philip Bak was born in 1974 to Steve, a games programmer, and Dorothy, an English teacher. From an early age Philip was involved with technology and games. He learnt Basic at 6 and moved on to 6502 machine code at 9. At the age of 15 he gave up programming, swearing never to do it again. Being fickle he returned to the games industry after studying Mathematics at University. Philip worked for various companies in the games industry for a further 9 years. In 2005 he left games programming, swearing never to do it again. Being fickle he began work on Bezier in early 2008 and despite working on many games over the last 30 years Philip considers Bezier his first game. He currently lives in St. Albans with his family.

1. Bezier (2016)
2. TBA
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Bezier is a dual stick blaster set inside a vast computer built deep underground. The story traces the principal's escape from this "Noah's Ark" gone wrong. A simple shooter on the surface, the deeper narrative pulls in his relationship between evolution and god, family and love. These themes question his motives, force him to confront what is real and lead him to salvation. Powered by the BezierSynth traditional rendering is renounced in favour of a fluid aesthetic guided by story elements, player interaction and the audio engine. An eighty minute soundtrack blends together orchestra, synthesizers and many ethnic instruments to drive the drama through fifteen zones. Almost one hundred different enemies, voice acting, reward based achievements and different game modes make Bezier the mindless blaster with a big heart.

  • Fifteen story driven zones
  • Eighty minute orchestral/synth soundtrack
  • Different game modes including Story, Endurance and Daily.
  • Over one hundred enemy types
  • Enhancement based achievements
  • Ten different special weapons
  • Level based upgrade system
  • Steamworks integration for Cloud saves, leaderboards, achievements and stats.




"Eight years in the making, Philip Bak's debut project is a twin stick shooter in which chaotic genius can be found."

"Bezier is resolutely modern, it could happily sit alongside those rows of arcade greats and I doubt anybody would bat an eye."

"From the moment I got to the menu screen of Bezier, I was blown away. Really. The graphics and music just had me glued to the screen. I was like some junkie, I needed more and I needed it now."

"It's a hectic twin-stick shooter that has effortlessly swallowed my entire morning, and is probably going to eat up most of the evening too."

"Bezier is a shiny twin-stick shooter, complete with all the explosions and mayhem that entails, and it's very good at that. What it adds on top of that is a story told only in snippets at the beginning of each stage. At least, to start with. When it starts reinforcing the story through gameplay, the cruelty of the villain becomes more than just words.

"It all makes for a captivating, unique and slightly unhinged experience. And I love it so very much."

"The soundtrack itself is worthy of praise. I paid the extra few dollars in order to get it, even though I had no idea if it'd be any good, and I'm glad I did. It's phenomenal."

"Bezier is a fast paced twin stick Geometry Wars-Style blaster full of varied enemy design, frantic gameplay and more visual flair than a burning Lamborghini filled with fireworks and glitter."

"It's beautiful and more than a little wacky."